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Marketing IQ

Apr 19, 2022

Episode 32 features Shawna Nicols, better known as DJ Shawna. The official DJ of the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks shares her journey as a former basketball player who wanted to keep the audience cheering as a DJ. From cold calls and working Milwaukee bars to becoming the favorite DJ of Giannis, DJ Shawna shares...

Mar 1, 2022

Episode 31 features Martin Moore, filmmaker and director for Koss. But he's so much more. A former mechanic, Moore's photography passion led to bigger and more creative endeavors. Learn more about how Moore changed his career path and gained popularity in the photography world, the radio and podcasting airwaves, and as...

Jan 18, 2022

In episode 30, B+L VP/Director of PR & Social Media Andy Larsen discusses trends in the marketing world that have taken shape throughout the COVID pandemic, as well as a big move made by B+L.

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